The Classical Syllabus®

"MeJo, thank you for being so wonderful and dedicated to teaching us.  You do such an incredible job in The Classical Syllabus®.  I am blessed my love and passion is back in my heart thanks to you.  I see Romana in you, it is truly exceptional.  You are a blessing to Romana and to all of us."

- Nanette DeClermont, New York

Course Description

Classical Pilates is more than a repertoire of exercises.  It is a unique exercise system that combines the mind and body under the guidance of a teacher who has knowledge, skill, and intuition in order to bring one’s body into better balance. The best Pilates instructors not only have these qualities, but they teach organically with a discerning eye; their hands for proper spotting and placement; and succinct verbal cueing to teach a system that is tailored to individual needs.

With over twenty five years of experience, MeJo has created The Classical Syllabus® seminar series, for instructors looking to go beyond their certification.  It is for teachers who have already completed a Comprehensive Training Program, yet looking for a deeper understanding of the Classical Method, and how to apply it to real people.

Its purpose is to enhance and sharpen teaching skills by clarifying the exercises and methodology of teaching it; to learn how to assess a student’s body by spotting their imbalances, strengths and weaknesses; and most important to learn how to apply the Method by creating an individualized system that will most benefit any individual’s body.

Teaching at her own studio and overseeing up to 400 private lessons a week, (with Romana as her personal mentor) MeJo gained experience in applying the Method to various populations, including:  professional athletes, those suffering with chronic back pain, amputees, Parkinson’s disease, knee injuries, scoliosis, and many other ailments.

In this unique series, MeJo will share her years of study with several first generation instructors including Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santos, Kathy Grant, Edwina Fontaine, and Jay Grimes.  She will provide valuable training from her years of study with Romana, her personal experience teaching the Method to various populations, and her experience as a Teacher Trainer in Romana’s Pilates Instructor Training Program.

“In my 15 years of experience with Classical Pilates, I have attended countless seminars, workshops, and CE courses.  The Classical Syllabus® with MeJo is the ONE course that not only dramatically enhanced my teaching skills,
but changed my approach to the entire Method." 

 - Barbara Panatta, Rome

The Seminars

The program consists of four seminars that can be taken individually or in full:

  1. The Beginner System

  2. Intermediate System Part I

  3. Intermediate System Part II

  4. The Advanced System*

Each seminar is 11 hours, over the course of two days.  Since The Classical Syllabus® is not a certification program, apprentice hours are not required. A Certificate of Completion will be given to those completing all four seminars. Since The Classical Syllabus® is limited to a small group of Certified Instructors, you will be able to discuss your most challenging students, and learn new effective techniques to work with them.

*The Advanced System requires approval for participation. 


  • Review the details of specific exercises giving you a better understanding of their goals and progressions
  • Explain the reasons why we would modify or vary an exercise for an individual
  • Teach you how to assess an individual’s body; spotting their strengths, weaknesses, misalignments, and imbalances; and how to correct it
  • Review basic principles of movement and teaching, that Joe intended for his Method
  • Teach you effective spotting and cueing, unique to the Classical Method that can be tailored to individuals needs
  • Teach you how to select specific exercises, and create a system that will most benefit your student
  • Review the distinct Gratz® apparatus a explain why it is such an integral part of the Classical Pilates Method

Student Registration

For more information on rates and times for a particular location, please contact the hosting studio as listed on the event schedule below.

Studio Registration

For more information, or if you are interested in hosting The Classical Syllabus® program at your studio, please contact us.

“Even after three certification programs, The Classical Syllabus®
was probably the most valuable training I have done for my teaching."

- Julie Erickson, Boston, MA